A Broken Jar of Coconut Oil

Bree Yoo Sun Jeong, 정유선
2 min readJan 28, 2024
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

I use a jar of coconut oil

To moisturize my face

I use a jar of coconut oil

To lay edges on my forehead

I use a jar of coconut oil

To soothe my baby boy’s chapped lips

I use a jar of coconut oil

For cooking when olive oil runs low

It’s very important to know

That jar of coconut oil is available.

I need it everyday, it seems.

One day.

I dropped the jar.

It was mostly full so it didn’t fully shatter.

But the bottom of the jar broke off

And I noticed that the oil, because it is winter time and nothing melts while in my cupboards, kept shape of the jar.

I quickly retrieved the large piece of glass from the ground and threw them away.

They were easy to identify as they had been laid out on the bathroom tile. There was no question

They were indeed broken and unsafe.

I realized shortly thereafter that the remaining broken shards of glass had splintered off so thinly and minutely that they were now embedded deeply into the oil itself.



Bree Yoo Sun Jeong, 정유선

I was formerly the young mother who leaned into destiny. These days I'm young-ish. I write about race, motherhood, transracial adoption, and hood feminism.