A Healing Prayer.

Bree Yoo Sun Jeong, 정유선
2 min readMay 9, 2024
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Heal my heart and make it clean

Break the chains of shame I have carried for

Sacrificing my body, disowning my spirit, leaving my soul

To provide and survive.

Heal me.

Let my mind be free of the nightmares

That continue to burden me in sleep and in wake.

In the Highest form of peace.

Let it be gone.

Removed from my heart.

Revive the child in me

Before this exploitation and abuse

Came to be.

Heal me, make in me a clean heart and a mind free of painful memories.

Lord, I want to be free.

Heal my heart, and make it clean.

Let me not just go on,

But move forward.

I was so paralyzed and too ashamed to ask You for help.

Ashamed of how I had to live and make money to survive and protect my son.

I didn’t know how numb I had made myself to become.

Feeling things again and being connected

To my feelings is very different.

It doesn’t feel good.

It feels like the pain is slowly coming forth

And I’m coming back from the Dead now.

My heart is breaking away from all I was bound by.

I don’t know when I’ll feel better

But at least I can feel something




Bree Yoo Sun Jeong, 정유선

I was formerly the young mother who leaned into destiny. These days I'm young-ish. I write about race, motherhood, transracial adoption, and hood feminism.