Dear White Women I went to Grad School with in the Pandemic.

Bree Yoo Sun Jung, 정 유선
4 min readMay 6, 2022

Dear White Women I went to Grad School with in the Pandemic,

I’ll make this quick, because I know we all just finished school and are tired of reading — well — just about anything.

Remember when you complained pretty much nonstop and endlessly since the onset of the pandemic in March of 2020 about “your experience just not being what it should have been?”

And when you sat there in class rambling on and on over Zoom during self-care check ins about just “trying to take really good care of yourself, living in your parents’ basement in the suburbs, ordering a lot of tacos between your internship and classes?”

Or how about that time you decided to circulate a petition to try and get tuition lowered because of the injust inequity of having to pay higher tuition out of your Dad’s or husband’s trust account or your federally funded loans so our school could quickly adapt and pay for extra licensure and liability insurance to hold classes over Zoom in a matter of 0 hours without us feeling a disruption in a global freaking pandemic?

Yeah. Those jerks. How dare they.

I’m sorry your experience wasn’t what it should have or could have been.

I can handle all that. I can be empathic.

Seriously, though. For 75 percent of graduate school, we were online. And for 75 percent of graduate school, I pretty much just waited for you to turn on your camera, unmute yourselves, and ask to speak with the manager of our school.

For real.

But when you start complaining about how you’re not going to graduation because it’s somehow beneath you, or not good enough for you, because you had to do that shit online for 3/4 of our graduate experience?

I’m sorry. I draw the line.

You sound like the stereotype of the whining, entitled, out of touch, spoiled, privileged brat that you just spent the last 2 years of your life in graduate school trying to dispel.

No, grad school wasn’t necessarily how I expected it to go.

But you know what? I’m a privileged immigrant woman because I didn’t have to worry about a visa suddenly being…

Bree Yoo Sun Jung, 정 유선

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