On Change.

I am going to focus on independent projects and DEI work.

Trust me. The crickets are still going for me too. I shocked myself.

Shit. I’m still in shock myself.

I’m going to be moving on from my time at the Korean nonprofit social services agency tucked neatly away in old Koreatown in Chicago. It is a safe place. It is literally next door to where I graduated from undergrad. Undergrad. Simpler times. Being nestled away next to my alma mater just gave me a safe feeling everyday I guess. It reminded me of something innocent that was once in me. I guess it just ……



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Bree Yoo Sun Jung, 정 유선

Bree Yoo Sun Jung, 정 유선


Mother. Artist. Healer. EO of Wonhwa Warriors, LLC & Top Writer in Racism, Feminism. “Narratives for collective liberation.”