White Owned Agencies & Office Sociocultural Observations

Satirically penned motions practice on the perpetually weird colonization of social services, office devoid of culture, and the sufficiency for Justice on this matter.

Bree Yoo Sun Jeong, 정유선
3 min readMay 11, 2024
Photo by Lawrence Lim on Unsplash

Satirical Emergency Motion to Enjoin White Social Services Agencies’ Staff Eat More Food, Eat Together, & Stock the Break Room with Snacks.

Now comes the Petitioner, by and through her representation (Ethnic Girl Attorney Who Loves to Fight for Snacks & Community for All Office Work Places, Esq.), a very puzzled, hungry, and isolated Korean American healer (herein after known as Petitioner), seeking relief regarding the following matter:


It’s been over 6 years since Petitioner willingly employed herself at a White owned agency.

Petitioner is in extreme Culture Shock due to a number of factors beyond her control, such as excessive handshaking and being approached by superiors with no greeting or “Hey”, unnecessary swearing and presence of tattoos written in illegible Chinese, superiors showing and Overtly expressing their distress, lack of snacks, snack breaks, community snack time, and more missing snacks.



Bree Yoo Sun Jeong, 정유선

I was formerly the young mother who leaned into destiny. These days I'm young-ish. I write about race, motherhood, transracial adoption, and hood feminism.